Visiting the City
Distance: 25 km – 2 hoursDepartures: 6 PM

This is the suthernmost city in the world; it is located over the mountain range El Martial and has a variety of high and low grounds of attractive colors. Ushuaia is located in front of its homonymous bay and overlooks Navarino and Hoste Islands (Chile), and has 80.000 inhabitants. The tour includes a walk around the different attractive places such as the historic city center, the port and the steep streets up the mountain, where we can take varied and colorful photos. Our tour ends in the End of the World Museum, which is in one of the oldest buildings in the city, which shows some of the history of its adventurers, native people and pirates. As an alternative, we offer the possibility to visit the old Prison, today an interesting museum for tourists.

Tierra del Fuego National Park: Lapataia
Distance 50 km – 4 hours – Departures: From 9 AM

At 12 km from the west of Ushuaia is the entrance to Tierra del Fuego National Park, the only one with sea coast in our country. It covers a surface area of 63.000 hectares, where we can see lenga, mazzard cherry, calafate, notros, and flowers such as orchid, violet and senecio rowleyanus.

In the National Park, we will not only enjoy panoramic views to the Beagle Channel surrounded by mountains and forest, but also get close to nature. Then we will walk through a path along a very thin strip of land in the mountainside, where we will pass by peat bogs, dams built by heavers and finally get to the Lapataia River and Green Lagoon. Kaiken (Patagonian goose) and buffnecked ibis came here every summer. We recommend walking along the Path that leads to the Black Lagoon or aling the Heaver Path to watch the work these funny anumals do. Here we begin the final trip towards Lapataia (end of National Route 3), where the former inhabitants have left their legacy: “concheros”, amazing archeological sites. Before returning to Ushuaia, we will stop by Roca Lake, whose color varies according to the weather conditions.

The Train to the End of the World

We can enjoy this trip within the National Park and its surroundings every day throughout the year. The bus departs from Ushuaia and covers 8 km up to the station located in the Municipal Campsite in the valley of Pipo River. There, motor and diesel locomotives with big coaches and windows, and heating system will be waiting for us to take us in a trip around Tierra del Fuego forest. The train will let us see the area traveled by prisoners in order to do hard labor. Also we will be closer to another part of the National Park along Toro Wetland area. We will make a stop at Macarena Fall and be back to the station while enjoying the peat bog and forest landscape.
This trip can be combined with the regular excursion to the National Park, going by train just up to Toro Wetland and from there taking the bus as in the regular trip.